On Monday 22nd August, VCAL and PreCAL staff and students departed from Salesian College to go to our annual Don Bosco Camp in Safety Beach. The Year 12 VCAL boys organised and ran all the activities; focusing on team work, communication, leadership, initiative and problem solving.  Our main focus at the camp was to build stronger student and teacher relationships, this was achieved by completing all different sorts of sporting, mindful, and teamwork activities.

COVID has impacted the VCAL team heavily as it has delayed multiple opportunities for our students to go on camps, excursions and incursions. It is extremely impressive with the amount of time and effort the boys put in to planning this camp without any knowledge or experience of the Don Bosco Camp. The last time a VCAL class went to the Don Bosco Camp was 2019.

The Don Bosco Camp was a positive experience for all involved as it was great to sit around with our mates and build stronger friendships and bonds with both teachers and students. The activities we participated in used teamwork, communication and problem solving. These activities forced boys to think out of the box and learn many new skills.

Thank you to all the staff and students for making this camp fun and memorable.

Kathryn Zwalf
Head of Applied Learning