ACC Sports Blog – 3/6/22

 ACC Golf

Open and Junior Golf- We had two boys represent Salesian College at the VIC- Independent Schools Golf State. This was played at The National Golf Course, Frankston. It was a later start with a 12:00pm kick off. The boys Ryan Langworthy, participating in the open golf and Elbert Kim, participating in the junior golf, both very eager to play. It was a cold and windy day which made the conditions difficult. It was a great effort to see both the boys give there all for the day. On the day Elbert Kim scored a 76, with being +4. It was an outstanding effort being placed 4th in a competition of 21. All participants did extremely well. Well done Elbert on 4th place in the junior division. Ryan Langworthy scored a 119, with being +47. We know Ryan Is a very talented golfer and unfortunately it wasn’t his day. He still did very well for the tough conditions and deserves a pat on the back. Yet again, well done to both students who represented the college in an respectful and honourable manner. Well done boys!


ACC Football

Senior Football- Forfeit from St. Mary’s. Salesian College win. Salesian has now finished top two in the competition, which means a home final in a couple of weeks. Well done boys and hopefully they can go all the way!

Year 10 Football- The year 10 football boys played in front of the home crowd yet again. It was a very cold and windy day but this didn’t stop the boys coming to support there mates. The boys started well with kicking the first 2 within 5 minutes. The game slowed down a little bit and not many scores were put on the scoreboard. At half time the scores were Salesian 3.5.23 to Emmanuel 2.0.12. Emmanuel came in with a very strong side and the boys knew they had to come out and play well for the second half, which they did. The end scores were 11.10.76 to 4.3.27 with a Salesian victory. Well done boys. The boys will be playing in a semi final next week. Well done for the season so far hopefully they can finish it off. Amongst the best were Ricky Theodoropoulos, Isaac McKnight and Zac Dunne. Well done boys.

Year 9 Football- The year 9 football boys travelled to Mazenod College. The boys had there strongest side with the team being filled in today. They didn’t have the start they wanted with being 3.3.21 to 0.0.0 down at half time. The boys started to get some flow into the match and some momentum. In the end Mazenod College won the match 11.12.88 to 4.3.27. Well done for the boys getting a full team on the park. Hopefully a better result for next week. Amongst the best were Harrison Window, Ollie Mann and Sam Anthony. Well done boys!

Year 8 Football- The year 8 football boys travelled yet again for the long road trip to St. Bernard’s. The boys knew playing at the snake pit isn’t easy. The boys started slow with being down at half time by 3 points. The boys struggled for the rest of the day in an arm wrestle with the boys losing a must win match by 3 points in the end. The final scores were 40-37. Well done boys for getting a full side together even with a few boys being ill the boys showed up to play. Hopefully a better result next week to still and try to make finals. Amongst the best were Zac Bayard, Lucas Smith and Riley Johnston. Well done boys.

Year 7 Football- The year 7 football boys had their toughest match all season with playing St. Bernard’s at St. Bernard’s. The boys had a slow start with being 8-0 at QT. The boys had to fight back and edge themselves closer and closer each quarter. The boys had a match ending goal that they won’t forgot in their time at Salesian College. Student Noah Montgomery was best on ground and scored the last goal to get themselves to be 5 points up when they were 1 point behind. Well done to the boys on an amazing victory for the college. Amongst the best were Noah Montgomery, Brodie Downes and Oskar McCulloch. Well done boys!


ACC Soccer

Senior A Soccer- The senior A soccer boys played home again at out new home ground Gardiners Reserve. The boys started very well with being 3-1 at half time. The boys let a couple of cheap goals in and the very strong St. Bede’s (Mentone) had a very strong comeback to win the game 4-3. The boys were very shattered with losing to St. Bede’s (Mentone) as now they will miss out on finals. Amongst the best were Dimitri Palatsides, Steven Sakellarios and Daniel Amendola. Well done boys on a good season and good luck in your future endeavours with soccer!

Senior B Soccer- The senior B soccer boys played away at Parade College in the soaking wet weather. The boys had a very strong team going in, as we know Parade College are very strong at all sports and unfortunately for the boys Parade College came out with the victory winning the match 8-1. The boys were competitive despite the scoring line. Well done to the boys for the effort in the bad conditions Melbourne had to offer. Amongst the best were Sam Thurston, Alex Phylactou and Camillo Angelucci. Well done boys.

Year 10 Soccer- The year 10 soccer boys played in front of a home crowd at Mannix. The boys had a very good start with being 1-1 at half time. Unfortunately the boys got let it to the last minute with the scores being 3-4 with Salesian being down to Mazenod by 1. There was a penalty that was unfortunately missed in the last few minutes. As a result the boys lost 3-4 to a very strong competitive side of Mazenod. Well done to the boys for the season. This was the last game for the year 10 soccer boys. Amongst the best were Yokwan Kak, Gavin Tone and Nick Tsamis. Well done on the season boys.

Year 9A Soccer- The year 9A soccer boys had the biggest travel all year with travelling to Geelong to play St. Joseph’s Geelong. St. Joseph’s Geelong. Very comfortable win by Salesian college against a very strong school. Amongst the best were Nick Grillo, Damon Guerrieri and Kosta Nikolopoulos. Well done boys and the boys seem to keep winning which means home finals. There will be one more match until then but they will need win that to secure a home final at Salesian College. Well done boys.

Year 9B Soccer- Bye.

Year 8A Soccer- The year 8A soccer boys had the travel out to Parade College. Unfortunately the boys didn’t do as well as they wanted to. The boys were 2-0 at half time. There were plenty of team changes and everyone was finding it more difficult for team cohesion when playing. The end result was 6-0 to Parade College. As we know Parade are a very strong school so nothing to take away from then but the boys didn’t have their best day for Salesian College. Amongst the best Alex Lazos, Perry Churchill- King and Dimitri Vouronikos. Well done boys. Hopefully a better result next week.

Year 8B Soccer- The year 8B soccer boys had another win for the season. They are now on top of the ladder. They played Mazenod College, which are a very strong school at soccer. The boys started well with being 2-0 up at half time. Then the boys finished strong but let a few in with winning the match 4-2. Well done to all boys for yet another win. Amongst the best were Elijah Guer, Dion Vorilas & Diesel Myers-Hately. Well done boys.

Year 7A Soccer- The year 7A soccer boys had another match in front of the home crowd at the Salesian College Mannix. The boys started strong with being 4-1 up at half time. The boys ended up winning 10-2, which was so impressive to see the boys continue the momentum after half time. Really impressive by everyone on the team. Amongst the best were Yianni Spyropoulos, Harry Valentine and Rennie Edwards. Well done boys and hopefully this form can continue until they play finals which seems to be the case at the moment but will need to keep the wins up!

Year 7B Soccer- The year 7B soccer boys had a game away at St. Bernard’s College. The boys had a difficult start with only being 0-0 at half time. No one was breaking the game open and it looked like it was going to be a draw but the boys came through to win the match 2-1 against St. Bernard’s. Well done to those boys on another win for Salesian College. Amongst the best were Brian Phung, Alexander Diosi and Samuele Pozzoli. Well done boys.


Geordie Nagle | Sports Manager