ACC Football

Year 7 Football

Year 8 Football

Year 9 Football
The year 9 football boys took on De La Salle at Waverley Oval. The boys knew it was going to be a challenging match against a strong opponent. The final scores were 4.7.31 De La Salle and 7.15.57 Salesian. Congratulations to our boys on clinching their first victory of the season.

Year 10 Football
The year 10 football boys took on St. Mary’s at the Bosco Oval. The boys had a tough start with St. Mary’s kicking with the wind and getting a 7-goal lead at quarter time. Despite a spirited comeback, St Mary’s maintained their dominance, and the final scores were 8.4.52 Salesian and 18.18.126 St. Mary’s.

Senior Football

ACC Soccer

Year 7A Soccer

Year 7B Soccer

Year 8A Soccer

Year 8B Soccer

Year 9A Soccer
The year 9A soccer boys took on St. Joseph’s Geelong at St. Joseph’s Geelong College. Despite a long road trip, the boys were excited and ready to play. They performed well, securing a 7-1 victory. Congratulations to the team on winning their opening game.

Year 9B Soccer

Year 10 Soccer
The Year 10 soccer team faced off against St. Joseph’s Geelong at Gardiners Synthetic Reserve. Anticipating a challenging match, the boys started strong but found themselves trailing 2-1 at halftime. Despite this, they mounted a comeback, and the game ended in a 3-3 draw. Well done to the team for their resilience and hard work on the field!

Senior A Soccer

Senior B Soccer

ACC Badminton

Junior Badminton

Intermediate Badminton
The intermediate badminton team faced off against St. Bede’s (Mentone) at Waverley Badminton Centre. They began and ended the match strongly, securing a victory with a score of 10 matches and 32 sets to Salesian, compared to 2 matches and 4 sets to St. Bede’s (Mentone). Well done to our team on their impressive win!

Senior Badminton
The senior badminton team faced off against St. Bernard’s at St. Bernard’s College, even on a day off for the students. The boys performed exceptionally, securing a convincing victory with a final score of 10 matches and 36 sets to Salesian, compared to 0 matches and 0 sets for St. Bernard’s. Congratulations to our team on their outstanding win!