Year 12 Physics Excursion to Luna Park

On the 8th of March, the Year 12 physics class had the exciting experience of spending the day at Luna Park for one of the theme park’s VCE Physics Days. Salesian, along with several other schools, had Luna Park all to ourselves, ensuring the lines were short and our time on the rides was maximised. Being able to interact with the other schools was also a highlight, whether it was through yelling at others from the top of the Ferris Wheel, or bonding over our love for the subject whilst hanging upside down.

This excursion gave the boys the opportunity to see physics principles in action, where we applied our understanding of motion to the rides at Luna Park and the real world. We experienced the thrill of many of the park’s rides including the Twin Dragon, Supernova, Enterprise, Pharaoh’s Curse and the iconic Scenic Railway. As we were tossed upside down and side-to-side, we observed the force of gravity and the way it affected the motion of the rides and the weightlessness we felt. It was a great chance to consolidate our understanding of the theory learnt in class, including information and formulas we had been taught, and relating them to the rides at Luna Park.

Emmanuel | Year 12 Physics Student