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Firstly, we constructed our own made pizza, baked it and then chose our desired toppings to add to the pizza. Some challenges include, contriving the pizza dough correctly from scratch, adding too much toppings (I had way too much cheese on mine). All things considered, the class went immensely smoothly due to the ingredients all ready to go and the constant reminders from the teacher of which stage we should be up to in addition to the demonstration at the start of the class.


Most classes were similar, first was the demonstration and then we got going adding all of our ingredients to the boiling water. In my opinion me and my partner did pretty well, but it wasn’t the greatest.

Apple strudel

Apple strudel was by far my favourite thing to cook as following the lesson I made my own strudel at home to see if I could increase the quality. I am pretty proud of my efforts, as I worked alone and still managed to keep up with the instructions adequately. Though my strudel wasn’t that appealing, it still tasted nice.

Muesli bar

The muesli bar was an interesting experience as we used a lot of sugar and tasty ingredients. The making of the muesli bar was not very difficult at all so no obvious challenges emerged. As I worked alone again, there was plenty to share and my family thoroughly enjoyed it.


Joel and Vy Quang | Food Tech Students