Year 11 Psychology ArtVo Excursion

“Today for Psychology we visited the ArtVo gallery, in order to put our knowledge surrounding visual perception to practice. We were given time to visit all of the illusions and take photos of us and our friends in all of them. We had to document 2 specific illusions to use for our assessment task for this topic, however the amount of illusions at ArtVo encouraged us to take photos of them all. This was a very interesting and engaging experience for all the Year 11s who participated, and I would definitely visit again.

I personally learnt a lot from this experience in terms of how the eye can play ‘tricks’ or perceive something completely different to what is being shown. I enjoyed many of the illusions, however the illusion we used for the group photo in the ice room was the most interesting. My experience at ArtVo has not only enhanced my knowledge in visual perception, but made me more interested in this topic. Learning about the process of why the eye is ‘tricked’ in perceiving a different image was a real eye opener for me and allowed me to reinforce and build on my knowledge in this topic.

On behalf of all staff and students from Salesian College Chadstone, we thank all ArtVo staff for making this the best experience possible.”

Kosta Balakas | 11F