Unit 3&4 Business Management

Management styles and skills are the foundation for the Unit 3&4 Business Management course.

To allow students to demonstrate their varied and sometimes questionable management styles into play, the students had to lead a member in their group – who was blindfolded – through a series of obstacles. Here, the students were able to demonstrate critical skills like communication, interpersonal and leading to get their blindfolded team mate through.

Groups were soon realising the importance of managers having strong skills while being people oriented. Each group was penalised if their member stepped on or made contact with any of the obstacle course apparatus. Congratulations to the winning team who only came into contact with the obstacle course 7 times, and commiserations to the group who had a successful trial run but ended up bumping into and stepping on the obstacle course a whopping 19 times!

Ms Angela Liyanage | Business Management Teacher