Recycled Lamp Design Challenge | Technology Studies

On the first day of Design and Tech, we got to use our imaginative minds, to design and create a lamp using nothing but recycled resources, scrap and tools found in the room. My partner and I decided to make a simplistic, recycled lamp. Our thought process, was comprised of two main things. Is it appealing, and is it compact. Finally, we settled on a lamp design which features a clean and modern vibe and got to work.

A problem we encountered during the production process was balancing the lamp and creating a sturdy frame. Hence, we solved the balancing issue by creating a long base in order to create a lower centre of gravity, which makes it sturdy enough to hold our light. Fortunately, we found nails to solve the problem, if we had used tape or glue instead, it’d had been weak and ugly respectfully. Ultimately, nails were the best solution as it would be hidden from the outside, giving it a neat and desirable presentation.

This was an interesting yet challenging project. Not only did we enjoyed designing the lamps but also very proud of the outcome we created.

Guillermo Mollaneda | 10F

On the 1st of February, our Design and Technology class were given a challenge by our teacher, Ms. Xu, to construct a bedside lamp out of scrap resources. Firstly, our group reviewed the materials which included cardboard paper, scrap wood, offcuts from other projects, PVA glue, rope, tape and cellophane wrap.

Next, we conducted research for possible ideas and inspiration. Ms. Xu also provided sample lamps as a guide to spark our imagination. We then collected our materials and began sketching a possible idea for our lamp. Our lamp consisted of a wooden base with stands running horizontally across, providing support for the structure.

Secondly, we fabricated the lamp itself out of thin cardboard paper, rolled in a cylindrical shape. The cylinder then provided the foundations of our lamp. Subsequently, we decided to slit the cylinder with a box cutter horizontally on each side to hold the hood of the lamp and to make it more accessible to take out the LED lights.

Finally, on the base, we cut some wood with a saw to provide a casing for the controller of the LED lights. Our goal for the hood of the lamp was to create a distinct pattern on top of it to let the light flow, creating illuminance around the room. Overall, our lamp design was sturdy and eye-catching, providing the consumers with satisfaction. Although we had limited time, our project was a success.

Matthew Hatzigeorgiou & Christian Milenkovski | 10F