3D Multimedia

Year 9 3D Multimedia has involved the development of a cinematic video made from the newly released Unreal Engine 5. The subject consisted of the processes of creating a preproduction blueprint, white boxing, developing environments and models, and the final presentation. The preproduction blueprint was the planning stage, where we developed the main base of our project. This involved creating our cinematic idea, building a story, identifying the main focal points of our cinematic and sourcing visual references for how our level would look. White Boxing was building the layout for our projects. This was rough with little to no detail, just using blocks of different sizes to map out our world, get a sense of perspective and see where everything would be. Building the environment and models was the stage where the main detail was added. We were able to source some models from Quixel Bridge, a free model marketplace inbuilt in Unreal Engine, as well as making our own models through the modelling plugin. This stage also involved creating and adding textures to the objects within the scene. The Final presentation was the last stage of the course, where the cinema cameras were added and the scenes were completed with lighting and sound effects.

I found that I was able to keep up to date with all the work I was given throughout the semester, and that the workload received was easily manageable alongside other subjects. I have thoroughly enjoyed 3D Multimedia this year and it has enabled me to gain some great skills that I can further use and improve on in the future.

Liam Matteo, Year 9