VCE Theatre Studies

On Thursday October 7 the VCE Theatre Studies students completed their first examination: The Monologue Exam, where they have to perform a selected monologue in front of 3 examiners in a 5 X 5m space and in an allotted time. Students also have to read a prepared interpretation statement outlining the dramatic and theatrical choices they have made with their interpretation.

From the list of 10 monologues the class had all chosen different pieces but all chose to act and direct their work as opposed to the Design option where you are essentially explaining your ideas and design choices to the 3 examiners.

On the trip to the Karralyka Centre in Ringwood the class were calm and prepared. We had spent a lot of time going over their work on campus, ensuring they knew their lines, their movements and so on.

It is a potentially intimidating way to perform, very similar to an audition, as the panel will not show emotion during the monologue performances; although one of our students did get a laugh. They also do not clap at the end but as the students had already had their work applauded by me they were OK with this.

We are pleased to report that all the class exited the Arts Centre happy with how they had performed. Now we just wait until December!

Adam Croft
Head of Performance