Food Technology at Home

“In the Year 9 Mannix Masterchef elective, our class are doing home cooks each week in Remote Learning. This allows us to take a break from the computer and cook a delicious meal. In this class we would follow a recipe sent by our teacher Mrs Campisano earlier in the week (so we have time to buy the ingredients) and would take photos of our cooking process to put into our food blog. The blog contains the recipe, photos, an evaluation and a description. Cooking options are also flexible if you don’t have the ingredients and students are able to do a mystery cook or theory work if they choose. I really like cooking delicious meals and I find cooking very relaxing. This cooking from home experience has overall been fun and a good break from computer work.”

Angelo Moutafis
Year 9 Student

“It’s been great to see the boys improving their practical cooking skills in their kitchens at home! Across the year levels we have seen home made pasties, caramel slice, mystery box challenges and the occasional burnt pancakes!

Understanding the connection between the foods we eat and our wellbeing has been a big focus during lockdown. The link between ‘Good Food, Good Mood’ has been key to understanding how we can keep our bodies and minds healthy.  Understanding the importance of choosing seasonal ingredients, sustainable options and trying to eliminate food wastage have been topics of class discussions. Our younger students are busy developing their at home food blogs, while our VCE students have accepted the challenging task of completing a practical subject at home with positivity, a great attitude, and most of the time, a full belly!

The social and emotional role food plays in our lives and the impact it can have on bringing us together as a family and a community is relevant more than ever at the moment. It is great to see our students playing a positive part in this.

We can’t wait to see everyone back in the school kitchens cooking up a storm, but for now, it’s great to see you all getting involved with your loved ones in your kitchens at home!”

Miss Molly Tilley
Food Technology Teacher