Learning Drama from Home

“As a Year 7 who had never done drama before, I thought that drama was going to be boring. In our first drama lesson Mr Croft explained different parts of drama such as accent and volume. The next time we had drama, it was a bit different as we were in lockdown and had to do it online. In our first online lesson Mr Croft gave us a prompt, the prompt was about a little kid who won a chance to go to space. We had to write a script about the little kid talking to his parents about going to space. After we made our script we had to practice it. The next online session we were put into breakout rooms where we waited for our room’s turn to present. One by one we each presented our script to Mr Croft and our room. Mr Croft also asked questions after each script, such as “How did you show the two different characters?” We have completed this exercise with three different prompts. The first was about the kid and space, the second was about one of our College values and the last was about Covid-19 freedom. Some things I have learnt from Drama is how to show the difference between two characters, how to use props and how to make a script. Even though I thought Drama would be boring, it turns out that I am enjoying Drama so far and having fun acting and making scripts.”

Theo Wong

“During the semester our Year 7 class have been focusing on what actions can be used to portray a certain personality of a person. We have learnt that to distinguish a particular personality you can use techniques such as voice ranges, posture, facial expressions, gestures and costumes or props. During our online lessons we have been creating scripts with multiple characters and performing them to some classmates and our teacher, Mr Croft. During our piece we demonstrated the mentioned techniques to show the difference in characters. Many students decided to use different angles when talking to portray a conversation between more than one character. After our drama performance we receive feedback from both peers and Mr. Croft to help develop our future performances.”

Drew McLaughlin