Macbeth Performance

On Tuesday 13 July, Complete Works Theatre Company performed a shortened version of Macbeth for the Year 10s. I honestly greatly enjoyed the performance as it allowed me, and most of my peers, to have a visual representation of the text. Further, this allowed us to greater understand the plot of the events and view the emotions and actions of the characters in different situations. It was also helpful that the actors had a short ‘Q & A’ after the performance too, enabling the students to clarify any questions they may have had surrounding the themes, characters, quotes or the plot. Personally, this performance will assist me in further assessments and tasks. This allowed for many of the Year 10s, including myself, to remember and understand the significance of key scenes. Additionally, we all got to understand and view Shakespeare’s intentions and meanings for his work that are embedded in the text.

On behalf of the Year 10 cohort, we thank Complete Works Theatre Company for their entertaining and beneficial performance.

Kosta Balakas