Food Technology Blog

Term 2 is well under way and the Year 8s to 12s have been cooking some tasty and interesting recipes.

We have had the Year 8s cooking bruschetta and free form apple tarts. The Year 8 boys made their own pastry for these tarts and all did a great job.

Akachi and Justin really enjoyed this prac, and produced a lovely free form tart.

The Year 9 boys cooked and enjoyed beef stroganoff with poppy seed pasta. Heads up to the parents of these boys, they have the recipe and would love to make it for you all at home!

Year 10 boys did the hard yards with the vegetables, and cooked vegetable soup and potato gratin, to then be rewarded with cooking a delicious and very indulgent caramel apple pull apart. I have included the recipe. It is the ultimate winter comfort food!

The Year 11s have made vegetable fritters and have some great pracs coming up.

Our Year 12 boys turned these odd 5 ingredients together to produce a delicious looking (apparently not tasting) avocado and chocolate mousse.