Food Technology News

The Year 10 boys were very lucky this week as they got to cook twice. The boys are currently learning about indigenous flavours and this week saw them cooking Kangaroo meatballs and Wattleseed and Chocolate Self Saucing puddings. Ground Wattleseed has a lovely nutty, roasted coffee aroma which really enhances the chocolate flavour. Needless to say, it was delicious.

Mark and Massimo showed a lot of flair when plating up the kangaroo meatballs, and definitely won the plate of the week award from me!

The Year 9s enjoyed cooking, and more importantly, eating their steak sandwiches with homemade fries!

The Year 8s whipped up approximately 40 dozen lemonade scones over the week and were lucky to be able to top them with homemade Strawberry jam that the VCAL boys made.

The Year 12 class are currently studying the three main types of heat transfer and to help reinforce this learning baked mini sponge cakes. Perfect timing as we used them to celebrate Nathan’s 18th birthday. Happy 18th Nathan!

Mrs Lois Curry
Food Technology Assistant