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ACC Triathlon

The ACC Triathlon was held over the weekend and our boys competed extremely well, coming 2nd overall in the individual events and 1st overall in the team events. Special mention to Trent Papenfus who was ranked first overall throughout all schools in Victoria. Also, a congratulations to Patrick Forster, Max Sykes and Daniel Valle who won the team event for the ACC.

Awarded to the best-performing overall school using the top 4 individual times from across all age sections for the 300m / 13km / 3km event.

1st Place ST MARY’S COLLEGE 3:03:21
2nd Place SALESIAN COLLEGE 3:06:24
3rd Place ST JOSEPH’S COLLEGE FTG 3:32:44
4th Place ST BERNARD’S COLLEGE 3:34:23

Congratulations to Trent Papenfus on being ranked first overall in the schools event, with an individual time of 40:51!


Awarded to the best-performed team based on a comparison of all “team” results.

1st Place SALESIAN COLLEGE 46:00.6

Team Members:
Patrick Forster (Swim 4:57.9)
Maximum Sykes (Bike 25:18.5)
Daniel Valle (Run 12:11.8)

ACC Swimming Carnival

The ACC Swimming Carnival was held on Wednesday 31 March at MSAC. Despite finishing 6th overall, our boys were fantastic in their return to Division 1. We had some spectacular performances, winning the U16 Division 1 Age group, as well as finishing 2nd in the Junior Cup. Some of our best individual performers were Alessandro Pozzoli, Andrew Tan, Trung Le, Patrick Forster, Cooper Fry, Nam Le, Min Woo Kim and Lachlan Le Vagueresse.