Angus Stanton’s Police Legacy Fundraiser

The recent tragic loss of four police officers devastated the Victorian community. Moved to support the Victoria Police Legacy, Year 10 student Angus Stanton and his team are participating in the ‘Run4Blue’ Fundraiser. Angus’ team are aiming to run 159.485 km over the month of May; the sum of the four police officers’ registered numbers.

40.942km for Senior Constable Kevin King
45.438km for Constable Joshua Prestney
45.688km for Constable Glen Humphris
27.417km for Leading Senior Constable Lynette Taylor

Gus is nearing the first milestone which is 40.942 km for Constable Kevin King, having run for 6 consecutive days.

Angus’ team’s fundraising page ‘Webster Runners’ has already bypassed its target of $1,000, having raised close to $2000.

“We have 12 family members currently in the Victoria Police, so this tragedy hit close to home. What these families are going through is unimaginable. I feel like being able to run is a privilege and is the least we can do to help out. If you can donate it would be extremely appreciated and will help us as we run!” says Angus.

You can support Angus and his team by clicking here.

Good luck, Angus!