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Off Season Training

Is your son in his Off Season at the moment and not sure how to prepare for a big season in 2020? At ACE Performance we use this time of year to improve on areas that may be seen as limitations.

Throughout the season coaches and athletes will have identified areas for improvement during the season. Without the season’s performance demands, worries of load management, mental fatigue and time are largely alleviated and it becomes time for athletes to concentrate solely on improvement.⠀

For some athletes this will mean gaining some size. The off season is the most appropriate time we can take our athletes through a hypertrophy phase (increase size). Hypertrophy training is typically moderate intensity consisting of 6-12 reps and high volume. ⠀

This training is highly fatiguing and athletes are often left tired and sore. This is why hypertrophy training is completed in the off season. We don’t want our athletes so sore from training that they can’t compete on match day.⠀

Most contact sports will have some sort of hypertrophy training in the offseason. This isn’t because most athletes need to increase in size but because athletes need to improve their strength. Research shows that a hypertrophy training phase prior to a strength training phase is more effective at improving strength than having the strength training phase alone.⠀

If your son is looking at getting the edge on his opponents heading into next year then please get into contact with us via email: or come down to the Mannix Campus gym and have a chat during out of school hours.