ACC Sport News

Intermediate Sport
Year 10 Cricket – Another loss for the boys, with De La Salle chasing down our score of 9/81 in 11 overs. Tom Cashman was our best performer, scoring 39 runs.

Year 10 Volleyball – The boys performed very well, with the A’s losing 1 set to 2, and the B’s winning with the reverse result. The best players for our A’s were Owen Plionis, Adan Sieng and Avo Meguerditchian, while the best in our B’s were Petros Balakas, Dean Koutsikos and Alex Tsakistaras.

Year 9 Cricket – It was big loss for us, at the hands of a strong Whitefriars team. We only managed 4/83 in reply to their 2/191 (20). Luke Ajani batted well, making 41* and retiring.

Year 9 Tennis – It was not a good day for our boys, going down to St Bernard’s in all 12 sets. Dilenne Algama, Spiro Louras and Sean Cahill were our best players.

Year 9 Volleyball – It was a mixed day for our Year 9 Volleyball team, with our A’s winning 2 sets to 1, and our B’s losing in straight sets. Our best players in the A’s were Jackson O’Meara, Jake Johnston and Aris Polychronopoulos, with the best in the B’s being Alvin Yala, David Hickey, and Maiki Giannakopoulos.

Junior Sport
Year 8 Cricket – We had a big win against St Joseph’s FTG, passing their score of 10/89 in 8 overs. Jack Iverson (31*) and Harrison Elustondo (35*) both retired, while Dylan Williams (4/11) and Tom Barlow (3/8) were our pick of the bowlers.

Year 8 Tennis – We managed our first win for the season, defeating St Joseph’s FTG 8-63 to 4-38. Nimal Valanki, David James and Oli Johnson were our best players.

Year 8 Volleyball – We had a great day in Year 8, with both of our Volleyball teams winning against St Joseph’s FTG. The best in our A’s were Suraj Zabalegui, Toby Fenton and Dieter Hagen-Mujica, while the best in B’s were Will Whitehead, Ben Bawden and Jack Scalzi.

Year 7 Cricket – A strong win over St Joseph’s FTG, chasing down their score of 8/105 only losing 5 wickets in 18 overs. Lucas Jones (29), Ronit Rehal (22) and Ayaan Khalil (21*) were our best with the bat, while Dylan Rayen (4/20) and Ben Brooks (2/14) were our best with the ball.

Year 7 Tennis – It was a big day for Salesian Junior Tennis, with our Year 7 boys also getting their first win over St Joseph’s FTG. Ben Green, Julian Metsios and William Kesuma were our best players.

Year 7 Volleyball – A day of mixed results for our Year 7 Volleyballers, winning the A’s but losing the B’s 2 sets to 1 against St Joseph’s FTG. Andrew Tan, Joseph Casuscelli and Ben Yang were our best in the A’s, with Stefan Ianno, Yokwan Kak and Ben Prabhu the best in our B’s.

Mr Jayden Hawkes
Sport Manager