Nutrition for Sports Tournaments

Nutrition for Sports Tournaments

Hello! As the sports dietitian working with your adolescent athletes, I frequently get asked what foods are required to help fuel tournament days. It’s best to go prepared and not rely on competition venue canteens. Here are some suggestions that will help your child perform at their best.

~2-4 hours before the event, high in carbohydrates (50-100g), easy to digest, low in fat and foods that you enjoy. If your child suffers from pre-match nerves or cannot compete on a full stomach – try a liquid meal (eg. low fat fruit smoothie).FUELING & RECOVERY DURING THE DAY
Take high carbohydrate snacks & meals to have before and between events. You might need to freeze a drink bottle or ice pack to keep certain foods cool. Be sure to include a protein recovery snack (10+g protein) to have immediately after finishing.

Encourage your child to drink water regularly throughout the day to stay hydration, every hour if possible. In hot conditions, those with heavy sweat rates may require an electrolyte replacement before or during competition.

Ola Luczak
Sports Academy Dietitian