Oratory Mentoring Program

On Wednesday 29 May our Year 7s and their Year 11 buddies participated in their second Oratory Mentoring Session, focusing on  assisting the Year 7 boys with study timetables and preparing for tests. The Year 11 boys worked diligently to prepare a session for their buddies that was relevant and useful. It included:

  1. Checking in on how they were doing so far and comparing how they felt to the start of the year
  2. Discussing study habits and routines at home. What could be improved?
  3. Key tips for exam and test preparation – methods they could use including mind maps and how to revise classroom learning
  4. Exploring ways of dealing with busy times of the term including managing workload and coping with stress.

It was wonderful watching the Year 11 students prepare a session that would be helpful to their Year 7 buddies in terms of their academic progress. It was equally lovely watching them have the conversation. The Year 7 boys certainly appreciated the tips and advice the Year 11s gave.

Mrs Nadia Knight
Assistant Principal – Faith and Mission