From the Principal

The end of Term One has come quickly, even if some of our students were under the belief it was never going to get here. I’m sure many in the community are looking forward to the two week break from the daily grind of classes, homework, corrections, SACs and everything else a busy term throws up. The holidays will provide time to rest up, relax and perhaps the opportunity to look back and reflect on what has been a very positive Term. Time appears to fly in schools once we’re in the routine. With that being said, the high energy levels that were very noticeable at the beginning of Term One, when we were welcoming the new Year Seven students into the school, celebrating our Opening School Mass, and looking with excitement to the year ahead, have marginally decreased. This is understandable as much has been achieved, lots of work has been completed and there has been a great deal of joy shared. We hope that you share with us a sense of achievement when reflecting on what has been a very busy, but purposeful beginning to the school year. I hope we can all look back on the term with a sense of satisfaction and pride and thank God for all the joys, hopes and struggles that the New Year has presented, and pray that as a community we will continue to celebrate our individual and collective successes, whilst working together through the tough times that come our way.

For most of us the upcoming break provides a chance for a well-earned rest and a much needed change of pace. These holidays include the culmination of the Easter season and the most significant week in the Christian calendar. Easter is a time we recall and celebrate the Easter Mystery, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The events of Easter are central to our Christian faith and the basis for our mission as a Catholic College of bringing our students to a deeper understanding and faith in Jesus as our God and savior. We hope all in the community have a reflective and holy Easter, and we hope our students and their families take the time to enjoy each other’s company and celebrate the holy week as it should be celebrated.

I want to take this opportunity to reflect on a quote I came across the other day, putting a twist on it as a means of reflection for all of us to contemplate over the holidays. The quote went like this. A man once asked his father, “How will I ever find the right woman?” His father responded, “Forget finding the right woman, and focus on being the right man”. I find a lot of wisdom in the father’s response, which can applied to all aspects of our lives. Too often we are distracted by the outcome, the destination, rather than focusing on the journey. This came to light in my discussions with some of the senior boys over the past couple of weeks when I asked them what their goals were for the year ahead. Without fail the responses I heard tended to focus on the ATAR score they hoped to achieve. Now, there is nothing wrong with having a positive goal, but in truth reaching that goal is going to rely totally on doing a lot of small things well each and every day for the year. John Bosco had a favourite saying, “Do the ordinary things extraordinarily well.’ If we become too focused on where we want to go, we forget to find out how to get there in the first place. To assist in reaching our destination we need to ask ourselves a few simple questions. “Where do I want to go?” “How will I get there?” And finally, “What do I want to see along the way?” For our boys, most will know the score they wish to achieve or the course they want to do, so focusing on the next two questions is sure to provide a good road map for them to follow. Coming up with clear directions as to how to get to their destination, knowing how long each section will take and what they will need to do along the way will provide a clear set of instructions for them. Knowing what they want to see along the way will ensure they take time to visit places of interest, catch up with people they want to see along the way and most importantly, ensure they enjoy the journey. In the words of the wise father, we have to stop focusing on the right woman and focus on being the right man.

I wish to thank the staff for their efforts during the term, in the classroom, on the sporting field, encouraging our boys in fundraising sphere, in the House activities and generally in caring for our boys.

Wishing all in the Community a joy filled and happy Easter season and a relaxing and safe holiday period.

Mr Rob Brennan