Visual Communication Design Industry Practice Seminar

Last week, the Year 12 VCD students attended the VCD Industrial Practice Speakers Seminar Evening at the Hawthorn Arts Centre, with over 300 VCD students from other schools. We listened to three speakers from each design field (Industrial, Environmental and Communication). The students gained knowledge about how design works in a professional practice environment, which inspired them to strive for their goals. The three different speakers spoke about the Unit 3 Outcome 2 Design Industry Practice Key Knowledge and Skills. This was intended also to give us understanding of Professional Practice in preparation for the final examination. The three speakers were; Rob McBride & Deb Ryan (McBride Charles and Ryan Architects), designers of the Banksia Apartments who spoke about Environmental Design, Mini Goss(Book Illustrator who spoke about Communication Design, and  Taylor Zhou (from Planet Innovation, creator of Cycliq’s Fly6 CE and Fly12CE bike camera) who spoke about Industrial Design).

As you can see from the work shown, we were very lucky to hear about their process and practice. It was a great seminar and we are now ready to commence our own folios in one or two of these fields.

Bo, Sebastian, Dimitri and Christopher