From the Principal

We are very quickly closing in on the end of the term, with only two weeks to go after this one. This news should engender in us a sense of urgency as the end of term work becomes due, we have SACs to complete and generally need to ensure that we are up to date before we take leave for two weeks.

As usual, Term One has flown. Whilst it only seems like yesterday that we were welcomed the new Year Seven students into the school, much has happened since then. As the excitement grows as we approach the end of Term, we have further reason to get excited with the completion of the new building also fast approaching. It will be wonderful for all in the community to be able to move in and make use of this wonderful new facility.

The frantic pace of Term One has continued over the past two weeks with the Music Camp and Hall of Fame Dinner, along with the day to day hustle and bustle keeping all of us flat out. Once again I thank the staff who gave of their time to organize and supervise these events, especially the camps, as they take staff away from their families overnight.

Next week we will have our first Student Led Conferences for the year, and I look forward to seeing all families in attendance as they are taken through their son’s work for the term. The boys have been busily reflecting on their results from Semester 2, 2018 and setting their goals for 2019. They will be excited to explain to their parents how they have lived up to their goals. As stated previously, we strongly believe that as the boys take more responsibility for their own learning, the better their learning outcomes will be. In anticipation, I thank Ms Irene Apostolopoulos and her support staff for looking after the logistics of such an enterprise and ensuring it runs effectively and smoothly.

Last Friday evening the College held its annual Hall of Fame Dinner here at the College. It was a wonderful celebration of everything community. Whilst we recognized two new inductees into the Hall of Fame, and one Young Achiever inductee, all of whom were worthy of a significant celebration in their own right, it was the community aspect of the evening which provided the greatest sense of joy for me. We had representatives from all aspects of the community. It was great to see past and present staff and students, and members of the Chadstone Salesian Community both past and present, all joining together to celebrate the achievements of the men of Salesian College Chadstone. It was a superb night. Thanks to Ms Suzie McErvale, Ms Nikita Rodrigues, Ms Lucy Menzies, Ms Leah Karam and Mrs Michelle Collins, the Maintenance team, the Music team and the IT team for all their work in bringing together the night. It was a true Salesian celebration.

At Friday night’s gathering I spoke of the privilege of being a school leader, witnessing so many boys grow and mature into fine young men. I also spoke of the frustration that I, and most teachers experience, where in very few cases we get to see the final outcome for our boys. We never get to appreciate the boys in their careers, as husbands or fathers working in the community and doing other great things. This thought reminded me of a Gospel reading where it is explained that some are deceived because their present seed does not appear to produce an immediate crop. In spite of this they continue down their course, mistakenly believing that there will never be a harvest. But unlike the crops of the field, which get harvested at approximately the same time each year, there is no regular timetable for the harvest of life. Some crops we reap quickly, others take a long time. So we cannot allow ourselves to be disheartened, and instead must listen to this advice and remember that our season will come, the fruits of our labour will blossom, it may not be in our time and we may never witness it but it will happen. We have to persist knowing that by going the extra mile now and giving more than is required, we will reap rich dividends later.

“For whatever a man sows, this he will also reap.” What a comforting and assuring thought to those who faithfully labor under difficult circumstances. Faithfulness in such situations will produce a rich harvest in the future, for our heavenly Father always keeps His promises.”

For here the saying holds true, ‘One sows and another reaps.’ John 4:37

Nights like Friday night’s Hall of Fame give us but a little glimpse of what our boys go on to achieve. The three men we inducted as either a Young Achiever or into the Hall of Fame would sit high on any schools’ Honour Roll, and we can be very proud of their achievements. Whilst many of us were not here at the College in their time, we can use these men as inspiration for what our boys will go on to achieve into the future. These men remind us of the great work we do here on a daily basis and the impact we have on the boys in our care. Once again I congratulate Kevin Morris, Luke Bongiorno and Jason Om on their induction. I also wish to thank everybody in attendance, all of whom contributed to a great night. It was great to see so many Salesians present, including both past and present members of the Chadstone community, many of which could take credit for the men we recognised.

I wish all in the community all the best for the final two weeks of the term. God Bless.

Rob Brennan