Class of 2008, Ten Year Reunion

On Friday 23 November we reconnected with the Class of 2008 for their Ten Year Reunion. With their past teachers including Mrs Anne Garofalo, Mr David McDonald and Mrs Marianne Marshall in attendance, it was great to catch up and reminisce.

“10 years down the track, it was delightful to see so many familiar faces. The young boys we remembered returned as grown up men, fathers, CEOs of companies and business owners, and all happily reminisced about their time at the College.

David McDonald, Marianne Marshall and myself thoroughly enjoyed listening to their stories of their time here and their present life.

Many boys were working hard in their chosen career paths, others were carving new ones and some were delving into businesses of their own. Andrew Poon spearheaded this Reunion gathering using social media of course, and it was wonderful to see that he attended the Reunion after working in Sydney for a couple of days, so a huge shout out for his commitment to the cohort. Friendships formed at the College were obviously still going strong and old friendships were renewed. Delight in seeing how the College has transformed and where it is going in the future was also a talking point, with Fr Cantamessa our tour guide. The laughter, chatter and memories were just as loud as they used to be when these boys gathered in the top yard and surrounded the corridors. “Nothing has changed”, “The place looks good”, and “What happened to the grass part?’ were a few statements made but most of all, these young men remembered teachers, the laughter and the fun times they had – oh, and the food at the Canteen.

It was a fun evening and an opportunity for all to gather, reminisce and celebrate the anniversary of a wonderful year.”

– Mrs Anne Garafalo