Year 8 Medieval Day

Medieval Day was a fun filled experience, which gave us a good insight into medieval times. It was split into four different sessions, with each class divided between those sessions.

My class started with medieval games, where we played three different games that were common in medieval times. The first one was a strategic game, and the two others required a blindfold and luck. Ultimately, each game was unique and fun.

Next, my group went to music and dancing. We watched as a highly educated historian/ musician played medieval instruments. As well as this he told us the history and origin of the instruments. After we had listened to a sample of the music, we proceeded to learn the dances. This required holding hands and moving around the area with one leader who would direct everyone to where they would turn or go around. As a whole, this session was very interesting and a great learning experience.

In addition to this, we investigated medieval clothing. This session brought about lots of laughter and enjoyment. Furthermore, it is always fun to see your friends dressed up as medieval women.

However, my personal favourite was our last session, which was combat and armour. It was amazing to see the heavy weight of armour, which the medieval knights would wear. Although wearing a knight’s armour was amazing, it was the sword fighting that really stole my attention. I had so much fun learning the knight’s sword techniques, even more fun trying it on my friends (not with a real sword)! 

In conclusion, Medieval Day was a fun filled experience. It was a great way to build our knowledge of medieval times, in a fun and interesting way.

– Xavier Adams, Year 8