Year 8 Environmental Day

Year 8 Environmental Day focused on the health of our world, and the effects of air, plastic and chemical pollution.  

The first event on Environmental Day was a screening of ‘A Plastic Ocean’, a film about the effects plastic waste has had on the world’s oceans. It closely examines the effects plastic has on marine wildlife, the water and humans who consume seafood. The shocking imagery made the film an eye-opening watch. The narrative was constructed as if it were a story, and the film commonly eluded to the theme of “water”.

After the viewing there were a series of activities examining the health of the ecosystem surrounding Scotchman’s Creek. These activities included comparing the variety and quantity of water bugs in Scotchman’s Creek and Healesville sanctuary, examining the state of the water in the creek, and measuring the amount of plastic pollution at the creek.

Overall, Environmental Day focused on the effects and changes of pollution on our local environment. The choice to focus on our local environment grounded the discussion of pollution in reality and showed how prevalent and close these issues really are.

– Alexander Yu, Year 8