Year 10 and 11 Media Excursion to RMIT

On Tuesday 14 August, Media students from Years 10 and 11 were invited to visit the Melbourne RMIT Media Building, where we were shown the media rooms and technology included. This amazed all of us, and myself and many others will now consider this as a possible future university. We were all able to get some hands on experience with the studios and cameras. What astounded me the most was the new virtual reality room, where your camera was placed in a realistic space, in this case, an old haunted looking library. This technology has revolutionised the way the students produce their work, as all they do is have to design a room and put someone in front of a green screen. It may sound confusing, but once you see it, it is unbelievable. This shows what universities have to offer for students and what courses are for offer. I am very thankful I was invited along by Ms Timos, and thank you to RMIT for giving us the tour.

– Campbell Gruiters, 10C