Year 12 Blood Donation Program

As a part of our Year 12 Social Justice Program, myself and four other students volunteered to donate blood at the Red Cross Blood Service in Mount Waverley. The process was simple, as we completed eligibility forms and then began the donation process. Plenty of refreshments were provided after the donation had concluded. The blood donation itself only took 10 minutes. The nurses were very friendly and took extreme caution and safety measures to ensure that the process would run smoothly for everyone involved.

We decided to volunteer for the blood donation process because it is a great cause and a simple way to change someone else’s life in the world. Blood donations are important as they save lives and help people get through an illness or medical condition that require blood products to be happy and healthy. One in three people will need blood at some point in their lives and it is up to us to lend a helping hand.

Over the next few weeks, more Year 12 students will be donating blood and saving more lives.

Thank you to the teachers who have volunteered to donate with us and to Mrs Roberts for organising this worthwhile and life changing opportunity.

– Sam Bisas, Year 12