ACC Sport News: Week 6


Year 10 Soccer had a tough defeat against St Bede’s 2-0. The finals run is looking out of sight at the moment.

Year 10 Football are on the winners list after defeating Whitefriars 74-45.

Year 9 Soccer had their first defeat all season, losing against Mazenod 3-1. Finals still looking great for the side.

Year 9 Football continued their winning streak with a 171-3 defeat of Mazenod College.


Senior Soccer First XI had another loss, this time against Parade, in a high scoring 5-7 match. Next week the team will try to retain the Davey Egan Cup, when they face Mazenod College.

Senior Soccer 2nd XI were defeated by Parade college 4-0.

Senior Football came out red hot, and even though our kicking wasn’t the straightest, the boys still defeated Mazenod 58-41.


Year 7A Soccer were defeated 5-3 by Emmanuel in a very close game.

Year 7B Soccer had a Bye this week.

Year 7 Football defeated De La Salle 72-12, to continue their unbeaten streak.

Year 8A Soccer defeated De La Salle 9-0 in a comfortable win.

Year 8B Soccer defeated CBC St Kilda 10-2.

Year 8 Football continued their unbeaten streak defeating Whitefriars 67-7.

Mr Dom Scarpino
Sport Manager