Media Excursion – Top Screens

The Top Screens excursion was an exciting opportunity for all Year 12 Media students. We were presented with the opportunity to watch some of the best productions from last year’s Year 12s. This allowed us to see with our own eyes the hard work and dedication that is required to achieve high quality projects. These projects were incredibly original, and we as a class were also able to view the folios of these high achieving students selected for the Top Screens competition, thus helping us understand how these students came to the final copies of their production. Overall, it was a very beneficial excursion for the Year 12s and one that I would recommend to future Year 12s as well.

– Stephen Kelly, 12G

The Year 12 Media Studies excursion to ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image) was an enjoyable and insightful experience which aided many of us in realising our goals for our media product this year. On the day, we watched the highest performing media products of 2017 in Media Studies. Watching the quality and sheer amount of effort placed in these short films has inspired us to push ourselves and to strive to match the calibre of the ‘Top Screen Award’ candidates. After watching the films, we scrutinised the production portfolios of many of the films, and thus was provided with a concise idea of what characteristic the ‘Best of the Best’ portfolios require/have. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience in the city, and a useful day for helping our class realise our ambitions for Media Studies in 2018.

–  George Triskelidis, 12A