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Stephen Leane

Stephen Leane was born 9 March 1962, and attended Salesian College Chadstone from 1974-1979. Serving over 40 years at Victoria Police, Stephen retired at the rank of Assistant Commissioner. As Assistant Commissioner, Stephen was responsible for the portfolios of Ethical Standards Command, the Commander of the North West Metro Region and Road Safety Assistant Commissioner. In his career at Victoria Police, Stephen worked with a task force developing the national arrangements and Federal laws following the September 11 terrorist attacks. In January 2017, Stephen took responsibility for resolving the Bourke Street terrorist attack as overall police commander and state controller for emergency services. Stephen recognises this experience as “the most rewarding, in supporting those affected, getting community confidence back and making the city safer.”


As Assistant Commissioner for Melbourne and the Northern and Western suburbs, Stephen was responsible for policing demonstrations, large sporting events, terrorism incidents and delivering police services to over 2 million people a day, with over 3,500 staff.

During his time as Assistant Commissioner, Stephen took on the youth portfolio for Police at a time when significant issues were emerging with African and Pacifica youth crime. Stephen worked publicly and behind the scenes to find ways to keep the community safe, but also to help these young people begin school, vocational training or work.

Stephen holds a Law Degree (Honours) from Monash University, a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice from ANU and a Masters of Education from Monash University. Stephen is a Fellow of the Vincent Fairfax Ethical Leadership Program and a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He was awarded the Australia Police Medal (APM) for his service at the 2017 Queen’s Birthday Awards.

Reflecting on his time at Salesian from 1974-1979, Stephen acknowledges, “The social justice thinking that permeates Salesian probably had the greatest impact on me. That probably influenced both my joining police, but also the roles in police that I found most satisfying.”

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Stephen Leane

Hall of Fame Inductee - Law Enforcement