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Stefano Mascaro

Stefano Mascaro was the College Captain of the Class of 2017. Continuing Salesian College Chadstone’s tradition of brothers achieving extraordinary results over 90, Stefano attained an ATAR of 91.95, and is set to follow his passion of Commerce/Law in 2018.

Completing his Bachelor of Civil Engineering/Architectural Design at Monash University in 2017, eldest brother Joseph (Class of 2011) has successfully secured a graduate role as a Civil Engineer at AECOM in 2018. Second eldest brother Luis (Class of 2015) is set to continue his Bachelor of Psychology with Honours at Monash University, where he is President of the Students’ Neuroscience and Psychology Society (SNAPS).

Parents Lina and Gus Mascaro reflect on their 12 years at Salesian. “As our family’s time at Salesian College Chadstone concludes, we are incredibly proud of what our three sons have achieved. In their own individual way, all three embraced the academic, sporting, cultural, spiritual and leadership opportunities the College had to offer. These opportunities all helped our boys develop into the young men they are today and we are incredibly thankful to have been part of the Salesian family.”

When reflecting on his friendships with the Class of 2017, Stefano said, “From the camaraderie shown during the times of heartbreak for our fellow brothers, to the moments of pure joy and happiness that will be held dear to us, I will forever be truly grateful to each and every one of (the graduating class) for having made my 6 years at Salesian the most memorable years of my life.”

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Stefano Mascaro

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