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Gino Gaspari

Gino Gaspari was born on 26 January 1968.  After graduating from Salesian College Chadstone in 1985, Gino entered the Victoria Police Academy as a recruit, graduating in May 1988. Gino was seconded to the Australian Federal Police (AFP) International Deployment Group (IDG). He was deployed to Papua New Guinea (PNG) as a member of the Enhanced Cooperation Program, where he performed a mentoring role at Port Moresby and organised a football clinic for schools in the area. In May 2005, Gino was re-deployed to the Solomon Islands as a member of the Participating Police Force (PPF), where he performed the role of Advisor to the Crime Investigation Unit.

As a member of the AFP International Deployment Group (IDG) in September 2008 Gino was deployed to East Timor as a member of the Timor Leste Police Development Program (TLPDP), performing the role of Project Manager, Intelligence.
In January 2012, Gino was deployed to Nauru to perform the role of Advisor to the Nauru Police Force (NPF), where he was responsible for mentoring the investigation into the riot that had occurred at the Regional Processing Centre in July 2013. Gino completed his time with the IDG in 2014, and transferred to the AFP, Melbourne Airport. He is currently managing a team responsible for investigating serious Commonwealth Crime at the AFP, Melbourne Crime Operations, while completing his final year of a Bachelor of Policing (Investigations). Gino has a partner, Stephanie Ziersch, and three children, Jack, Thomas and Grace.

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Gino Gaspari

Hall of Fame Inductee - Australian Federal Police