VCE Highlights and Results

Interview: Kevin Tat, 2017 Dux

VCE Highlights and Results

Our Interview with Kevin Tat, 2017 Dux

Kevin Tat
2017 Year 12 Salesian College Chadstone Dux
ATAR: 96.1With an ATAR of 96.1, Class of 2017 Dux Kevin Tat reflects on the factors that led to his success.

Kevin, your avid commitment to learning and ability to focus is outstanding. Explain how you managed this throughout your final year.

Throughout Year 12, it wasn’t always smooth sailing. My journey involved many personal hurdles, which led to the difficult times that many Year 12’s experience. Fortunately, however, I had some sense of trust in my own ability to perform in the final exams, which motivated me to achieve my personal best throughout the year.

Now that results are out, what are your immediate plans?

Hopefully I will have commenced my preferred course in 2018, a double degree in Commerce/Commerce Specialist (Economics) at Monash Clayton. In 2018 I also hope to have obtained a part-time job.

With exceptional results come a variety of options. Take me through the process of how you made decisions about your future.

When I was in Year 9, I decided on my options for future study by being honest with myself about the subjects I liked, and didn’t like. I realized that Mathematics was my best subject, so naturally I was drawn towards anything relating to this, leading me to do all three Mathematics subjects in VCE. When I took on Economics as a subject I genuinely enjoyed each class, something that is often rare for many students. Overall, these subject choices have led me towards pursuing a Commerce course at University.

What has been your biggest learning through your final year?

I realised that the most important thing in Year 12 is to stay as mentally strong as possible, whilst remaining focused until your final exam is over. Although you may lose sight of your goals throughout the year, it is vital that you regain your composure in order to focus on any upcoming SACs, and more importantly, on your final exams.

What comes to mind when you think about how your life will look like in 5 – 10 years from now?

I would hope that by then I would have obtained my Bachelor degree, and have my eyes set on the specific field in which I want to work in. My current goal is to work in the business field, and I hope that I will have a clearer idea of the area within this field in which I want to specialise in.

How has self-belief inspired you to push forward with your dreams and aspirations?

I developed faith in myself at the end of Year 11, after receiving the Year 11 Dux Award whilst achieving a study score of 41 in both Further Maths and Business Management. From this point, I finally believed in my own ability, to the extent that I believed I would be able to achieve my goal of a 95+ ATAR. Being fortunate enough to also be named College Dux really completed Year 12 on a fantastic note for me, as I never believed I would be lucky enough to receive this honor.

Tell me about the key relationships in your life that hold meaning and how these have guided you.

My relationship with my parents provided incredible guidance to me throughout Year 12. Although they were not familiar with the VCE system, they molded me to be a determined and competitive student from a young age. They knew the value of receiving an education, as they had not received one themselves. Although I often heard the advice, “you’re only doing this for yourself from now on”, in the back of my head my priority was to make my parents proud.

What are your parting words/suggestions for students at Salesian College Chadstone?

If you want the best chance at earning a place in your desired university course, do your very best.