Vale, Class of 2015 Past Student, Zia Haydari

It is with great sadness that we inform the Salesian College Chadstone community that Class of 2015 past pupil, Zia Haydari died in Wagga on Sunday morning after a short battle with brain cancer. He was 28.

Zia was a remarkable person. As a young Shi’ite Muslim boy, Zia escaped his motherland, miraculously making his his way to Australia, eventually coming to Chadstone where the College looked after him with the help of the Church, refugee advocates and politicians.

After the College secured him a scholarship at ACU, Zia completed a number of degrees and graduated as a social worker last year. In 2023 he also received the news that his residency visa had been extended by 5 years. Zia was hard working and permanent residency seemed virtually assured.

Tragically, Zia was recently diagnosed with cancer which spread quickly. He died at 8:15am on Sunday 5 May.

Rest in peace and love Zia.

We ask our loving God to grant eternal rest unto him and let the perpetual light shine on him.  May he rest in peace.