ACC Sports Report

ACC Senior Cricket
The senior cricket boys faced off against Parade College at the Bosco Oval. Winning the toss, our boys opted to bat first, scoring 10/69 off 20 overs. Despite a valiant effort, Parade successfully chased down the total in 14 overs, securing the victory. The team remains optimistic for a better outcome in their next match.

ACC Senior Tennis
The senior tennis boys competed against St. Bede’s at Oakleigh Tennis Club. Despite facing challenges throughout the match, the boys displayed resilience. The final scores were Salesian 2 sets and 61 games to 10 sets and 91 games. Congratulations to the team on completing the season!

ACC Senior Volleyball
The senior A boys battled against St. Bernard’s at St. Bernard’s College. The A team performed admirably, winning the match with 3 sets and 75 points to 0 sets and 44 points. However, the B team faced difficulties in their final game of the season. The A team will now progress to the semi-final next week against Simonds, aiming for a spot in the grand final. Best of luck to the boys!