The Reslience Project – Mindful Monday’s with Year 9

At the Year 9 Mannix Campus, we pride ourselves on the implementation of our pilot program, The Resilience Project, and the three principles that underpin the program. The program focuses on Gratitude, Empathy, and Mindfulness with the intention to also incorporate Emotional Literacy throughout each lesson. In an attempt to further support the implementation of the program and the values in which it stands for, we have embedded Mindful Monday’s into our Year 9 Oratory curriculum. Mindful Monday’s is a careful creation of mindfulness activities that aims to help our young boys’ become aware of their feelings and thoughts. In today’s lesson of Mindful Monday, our Year 9 cohort participated in a guided exercise to encourage physical movement and an emotions tennis rally to stimulate students’ thinking and expand their ‘emotions vocabulary.’

Ashleigh Jones