VCE Theatre Studies Class Performance of Glengarry Glen Ross by David Mamet

David Mamet’s Pulitzer Prize winning play is set in Chicago; 1985. The work concerns the money hungry world of real estate and land sales with the various characters competing to sell the most units.

Students have to complete 2 tasks in the production of a play. Usually acting and a Design role: Set, Costume, Sound or Lighting.

Act 1 of the play takes place in The China Bowl Restaurant, and the class decided to turn a space within the school into a 1980s American Chinese restaurant and offer dinner and show for the first half.

The audience then moved downstairs to the Drama Room for Act 2 which was set in the Real Estate Office. It has been broken into, data has been stolen and the 2-sided set spilled out into the audience to maintain the immersive environment of our interpretation.

Two very well received performances in front of almost capacity and then capacity audiences meant that the students were able to reap the benefits of all their hard work. Not just maintaining character while acting but also completing all the unseen tasks that are needed to create and establish the world of the play.

As well as enjoying the very strong and powerful acting performances our audience also commented on the immersive nature of the work where they were included in the action as it happened around them.

Cast Members Listed below:
Aiden Angus
Jett Banyai
Will Hemsley
Gabriel Kapaklis
Peter Liptai
James Salvatore
Sholance Thomas

Adam Croft
VCE Theatre Studies Teacher