Humanities Week

Last week marked the annual humanities week at Salesian. A week where we celebrate the study of human culture, experience, and perception. Humanities underpins the core foundations of every society in our world ranging between history, geography, the law, economics, business and accounting. Without the humanities our civilisations would not have developed nor progressed. Hence, it is vital that we take this week to focus on the progress of humanity over time.

This year we built the momentum for the emphasis on humanities week for both our current and future students. Ms Holland, the humanities teachers and I organise some creative activities during what is a busy time with exams to acknowledge the week:

  • Mr Carters’ year 8B history students took part in an external essay writing competition.
  • Mr Augustus’ year 11 legal studies took part in a mock criminal court trial as a class.
  • The year 7 world around us students took part in class geography competitions.

Dion P
Humanities Leader

Year 11 Mock Trial

A mock trial is a simulation of a court case that offers a vocationally enhanced element, especially for the experience of individuals hoping to practice law.

Within a classroom context, the purpose of the mock trial was to animate our understanding of the concepts of legal foundations, criminal and civil law in correspondence to the Units 1&2 Legal Studies content.

As a ‘witness’, I thoroughly enjoyed the activity. The boys displayed a volcanic enthusiasm toward the mock case presented by Mr. Augustus, which provided room for us to end Unit 1 on a joyful note and collectively consolidate our learning in the lead up to the Semester 1 exam.

Samuel G
Year 11