Saltbush Foundation Sausage Sizzle Fundraiser

On the 7th of March we conducted the Saltbush Sausage sizzle, a student lead initiative by Thomas Maguire Nguyen, Isaac Peluso and Abel- Edi Joseph. This was a great success and lots of money was raised for the Saltbush Social Enterprises, which is a non-profit organisation located in the Northern Territory. This Indigenous organisation aims to provide essential services to those that are disadvantaged by improving opportunities in education, training and employment. Saltbush focuses on creating solutions to local Indigenous challenges.

To educate students about the vital work Saltbush are doing, a PowerPoint presentation was created, recorded and then shown to all students at the College on Monday the 27th of February. The presentation educated all students on key Indigenous matters and pivotal moments in First Nations history. The inspiration for this process was entirely student driven, and is a showing of the continuing commitment the College has to both Indigenous reconciliation, as well as the advocation of student voice.

Chris Seeber
Social Justice Immersions Leader