RUA Resource Centre Update

It is hard to believe that the end of Term 2 is only a week away. I hope our students have done well in their exams and are feeling a bit relaxed as we approach the last week of Term 2. Term 2 has been a busy but an enjoyable time for the Rua Resource Centre (RRC). RRC has been working on a few activities and projects.

Mannix Book Nook

Last year, in 2021, Year 8 and Year 9 students were asked to take a survey and answer two questions: If they wanted library facilities at Mannix and what books they would like to read. Over 65% of the students who responded to this survey said that they wanted library facilities at Mannix campus. Students’ suggestions were taken on board.

The RRC is pleased to share that a small “Book Nook” has been created in the Multi-Purpose Room at Mannix Campus. All the book purchase recommendations by students were considered and the books have been purchased. These books will be stored at Mannix campus in the “Book Nook”.

Wonder what books are available for year 9 students to borrow?

Visit the “Book Nook” to find out. It will be open for year 9 students from Week 1, Term 3.


Premier’s Reading Challenge

This Victorian state-wide initiative started in Week 3, Term 2. This reading challenge is open to students from Year 7 to Year 1o.

The RRC is pleased to see active participation from so many students. All the participants together have read 1249 books so far and eleven students have already completed the challenge. Two top favourite books read by students are Harry Potter and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas: a Fable.

There are 93 days left for this challenge to finish. Everyone needs to add the completed books on the PRC website by 2 September 2022.

Well done everyone. Keep up the good work. Complete the challenge and receive fabulous prizes along with the certificates at the end of term assembly.

Here are some photos of students from last year receiving their prizes by Mr. Ashmore during the assembly.

Lego Club

In Term 2, RRC ran the Lego Club every Monday to Thursday during lunch times. The club was popular amongst students and they enjoyed building Lego to create masterpieces like The White House, The  Cargo Train which runs on batteries and The City of Singapore among others.  The Lego Club also challenged students’ creativity to create many pieces from scratch by using their imagination. This activity was also good to build students teamwork abilities. Students enjoyed the Lego Club by working together on building various Lego projects.


Virtual Reality Sessions

The RRC also run popular lunch time Virtual Reality sessions every Wednesday in Term 2. Some entertaining 3D videos were enjoyed by students on topics like Star Wars, Roller Coaster and Harry Potter.

Marvel Comics Donation

RRC has received a donation of about 200 Marvel Comic Books from a staff member Mr. Simon Lloyd. These graphic novels are in a fantastic condition and visually appealing. All the fans from our college community are welcome to visit RRC to borrow these books.

Comics play an important role in encouraging reluctant readers to engage in reading activity. Its visual appeal helps in understanding meaning of words in an easy and enjoyable way. Comics also help in achieving better literacy levels by increasing a student’s vocabulary in a fun way. Some staff and students have already started and are enjoying reading these books.

A huge thank you to Mr. Lloyd for his generous donation. We truly appreciate his contribution of these ever popular comics to RRC’s collection.


Happy Holidays everyone. Enjoy your well earned break!


Ms. Ria Khambete | Head of Information Services – RUA Resource Centre