ACC Sports Blog 27/5/2022

ACC Football

Senior Football- The senior boys played against a very competitive Emmanuel at Bryan Martyn Oval yesterday. The boys knew at the start of the day that it was a must win match for the boys. They went down there and started the match very well. At half time it was 54-8 with a very strong lead from Salesian. They continued that form with ending the game even stronger with winning 144-21. Well done to the boys even though it was a day off everyone still came in and played there part for the day. Amongst the best were Liam Scott, Andrew Avramopoulos and Mitch Wain. Hopefully another win next week and Salesian can have a home final the following week in front of the crowd.

Year 10 Football- The year 10 boys played another game at home. We played a very strong De La Salle side. De La Salle has come down from Division 1 so we knew they would bring good standard of football. The boys started well with being 2 points in front at half time. Looked to be a very close contest all day. It cam down to the last few minutes where Salesian got up and won the game by 2 points, it was 70 to 72 in the end. Very good coaching by Mr. Hawkes, which lead them to a much win victory. Amongst the best players were Harris Orfanos, Christian Bernardo and Zac Dunne. Well done boys.

Year 9 Football- The year 9 boys travelled to Waverley Oval to play against De La Salle. The boys went down with 16 boys to play. A lot of illness struck the side and unfortunately the boys didn’t do as well as wanted. De La Salle were very good with winning 133 to 7. Well done for the boys for still going down to play. Amongst the best were Cooper Fry, Jack Allan and Harry Window. Hopefully more boys can turn up next win and a better performance.

Year 8 Football- The year 8 boys played in front of a home crowd at Salesian College. They had a very competitive school in Parade College. The boys started very strongly with being 26-0 at quarter time. The boys had a little dip in momentum and the Parade boys came back with a strong fight back. It was a very wet and greasy day and luckily Salesian held off to take the win. The final score was 41-23. Well done to the boys that showed up in the conditions. Amongst the best players were Thomas Ciorciari, Tyson Rabel and Angus Cormack. Well done boys.

Year 7 Football- The year 7 boys travelled down to Mazenod College-Johnson Oval, Mazenod started the match very hard but so did Salesian College. The boys stuck with them until three quarter time, when Mazenod took the led in the last quarter. The final scores were 62-36 with a Mazenod College win. Well done to both teams for a competitive effort even though the scores may say differently the boys really put in 100%. Amongst the best were Mitch Loeding, Noah Montgomery and Brady Shipton. Good effort boys and hopefully a different result next week.



ACC Soccer

Senior A Soccer- The senior A boys had the match of the season with playing for the Davies-Egan cup. It was good for all the boys to rock up at the start of the day. The boys started the match really strong with a 2-0 lead at half time. The momentum was in out favour and the boys won the match 7-2 to Mazenod. Well done to both sides who represented the match really well. Good to see everyone having some pizza and a can of soft drink to celebrate the match. Well done to the Salesian boys, been a few years since this particualr match was won. Amongst the best were James Triskelidis, Nicholas Ghanakas and Dimitri Palatsides.

Senior B Soccer- The senior B boys played home against another strong opposition of Mazenod. The match didn’t go our way with starting pretty well but down 3-1 at half time. The match got out of hand unfortaunely but was still a competitive effort from the boys. Well done to everyone that came in on a day off. Really shows the commitment that Salesian boys have for ACC. The boys eneded up losing 8-1 for the day. Amongst the best were Dieter Hagen-Mujica, Seb Millares and Philopatear Baselyous.

Year 10 Soccer- The year 10 boys travelled yet again with going to Parade College in Bundoora. The boys played the top of the table with Parade not yet losing a match in the ACC competition. Salesian boys started strong with being 2-2 at half time. In the end the boys had some chances but they came out with a draw. Well done boys on travelling yet again the representing the college very well. Amongst the best players were Christos Babatsias, Luke Parente and Julian Metsios.

Year 9A Soccer- The year 9A boys played in front of a home crowd in the double header with the B’s being the curtain rasier to this match. The boys played De La Salle, which is always a strong soccer school. The boys started well with leading 1-0 over De La Salle. The boys played the second half with real aggression and momentum. The finals scores were 5-1 with a Salesian victory. Amognst the best players were Nick Grillo, Andrew Byun and Nathan Soares.

Year 9B Soccer- The year 9B boys played against St. Bernards in the curtain raiser to the A’s. The boys started well but was a very strong half from both sides with the scores being 2-2. The boys put in that extra effort in the second half with getting over the line 5-4. Well done to those boys, really good and needed win. Amongst the best Geoff King, Anthony Oresti and Zander Di Petta. Well done boys and hopefully they can bring that effort into next week.

Year 8A Soccer- The year 8A boys played in front of a home crowd at Mannix. They played in the double header with the 7B’s playing first in the curtain raiser. The boys started the match really well against yet another strong school in Emmanuel College. The boys were able to tough it out with winning the match 2-1 in the end. Well done to everyone that played the match and the 8A boys keep getting stronger each week. Lots of boys that were in the best so the coaches couldn’t decide who were the best three this week. Everyone was simply that good! Well done boys.

Year 8B Soccer- Bye

Year 7A Soccer- The 7A boys travelled down to St.Joseph’s FTG. St.Joseph’s FTG are always a strong school with any sport. The boys at Salesian had a day out with winning the match 18-1. Yes that is correct 18-1! Incredible effort from the boys to put a performance out like that on the park. Even with the wet conditions the boys seemed to find the goals very well. 7A’s look to be in a strong position for finals and hopefully they can go all the way. Amongst the best were Ollie Howes, Rhyle Vaz and Rennie Edwards. Well done boys and hopefully they can keep these performances up leading into finals.

Year 7B Soccer- The 7B boys played in the curtain raiser at Mannix with playing strong opposition of Parade College. The boys lost 4-0, this was the second time for the season these two teams meet. Both times Parade have come out winnes. Amongst the best were Evan Tsoukalas, Samuele Pozzoli and Alexander Diosi. Well done to the boys for a good effort yesterday and hopefully the boys can have a different result next week.


VCC Basketball (Intermediate)

On Wednesday 25th May our Intermediate Basketball Team headed to the State Basketball Centre to play in the qualifying round of the Victorian College Championships in Basketball. We were up against a number of strong schools, several of which have their own Basketball specific academy.

After a strong start in our first game against Berwick College, our boys were overrun in the second half and ended up going down by 6 points.

Our next game was against an ACC rival in St Joseph’s FTG. Once again, we started out on fire but then let them back in the game and they managed to get within 1 point with only a couple of minutes remaining. This time, our boys stayed strong and came out on top by 4 points.

In the third game we were up against Forest Hill College. As was the case for all of our games, we found ourselves with another early lead. This time, our boys were able to hold off Forest Hill’s strong shooting performance and we came away with a 6 point victory.

Our last round was a must-win game against Fairhills High School, where a win would see us head to the Grand Final. Despite a sloppy start, we ran away with a 23 point victory and were through to the big dance!

The boys only had a 5-minute break before they were back for the Grand Final. We were up against the undefeated Berwick College again, the only team that we had lost to. We started out strong, with Isaac McKnight hitting some big shots early and James McLaughlin fighting hard in the paint. We ended up with a 19-11 lead at half time, but the game was far from over. Spencer Mathieson and Wissam Malaeb were spectacular for us early in the second half, with some great defence and nice shot making. Berwick weren’t done though, they hit some big shots and pressed hard which caused us to commit some silly turnovers and actually managed to tie the game with 20 seconds to go. Our boys remained composed, broke through their press, and Isaac McKnight calmly drained a 3 in the final 10 seconds for us to come out with a 36-33 victory.

It was a superb effort from all 9 of our boys, who have now qualified for the Final Round of the Vic College Championships in June.


Geordie Nagle | Sports Manager