Transitioning Back To School

The College has developed an infographic to assist parents in supporting their son’s return to school.

A few quick reminders for the return of the boys to onsite learning:

Date On site Remote
Friday, 22 October



7, 10, 11 



8 and 9


Monday, 25 October 7, 11


8, 9 and 10


Tuesday 26 October



8, 9, 7, 11





Wednesday, 27 October 7, 8, 9

11 Exams

Thursday, 28 October 7, 10

11 Exams

8 and 9
Friday, 29 October 7, 10, 11

11 Exams

8 and 9
Wednesday, 3 November 7, 8, 9, 11

11 Exams

Thursday, 4 November 7, 10, 11

11 Exams

8 and 9
Friday, 5 November 7-11


All on site

Starting time
The timetable reverts to the normal school day commencing at 8:45pm. Classes conclude at 3:15pm (Wednesdays at 2:35pm).

Traffic Flow
With the return to campus we are anticipating that traffic around the College both at drop off and pick up will be hectic.
Please try to drop your son off in surrounding streets and if entering the College please be mindful of safety and traffic flow. We ask that you also respect our neighbours and ensure they have access to their property.

Uniform and Appearance
Boys are to wear summer uniform and be clean shaven and adhere to the College uniform policy regarding  hair and appearance.

Academy Uniforms
2/810-818 Princes Highway, Springvale
9574 1314
Please note that the store is closed due to current restrictions. Online ordering is available at

Year 9 Arrangements
From Tuesday, 26 October our Year 9 students will be located at Bosco Campus to enable Year 12 exams to proceed at Mannix. The boys are asked to be dropped off at Mannix campus for Period 1 on Tuesday to collect their belongings and come to Bosco campus as a group at the end of Period 1 assisted by their Oratory teachers. They will finish class on Tuesday at Bosco Campus and from Wednesday 27 October all classes will be at Bosco Campus. All Year 9 Mannix staff are relocating to Bosco with the boys.

The canteen will be open. Boys are encouraged to submit a lunch order to reduce time in queues. Strict observance of Covid safe practices is required and will be monitored.

Charter Bus
The Charter Bus will resume normal operations from Friday 22 October.

COVID Safe Protocols
To mitigate the chances of COVID transmission, it is imperative that we each role model COVID safe protocols during our time on campus.
To further ensure everyone’s safety and wellbeing:

• All students must wear masks inside and outside.
• Extra hand washing stations will be placed throughout the College;
• Students should bring a full water bottle each day; refilling stations will be available.
• All students will be reminded to practice physical distancing as much as is practicable during recess and lunchtime.
• Physical distancing by separating desks will continue where possible.
• The College has conducted an audit of all classrooms to ensure appropriate ventilation. Air purifiers will soon be installed in some classrooms with limited ventilation.
• We will continue with an increased level of cleaning throughout the day in all areas of the College, with a focus on areas subject to high levels of physical contact.

We look forward to a wonderful end to 2021!