Year 12 Motivational Breakfast

“This morning we gathered in the College Hall as a Year 12 cohort alongside our oratory teachers for a breakfast and presentation from Dr Mario D’Cruz. Mario is a C5 quadriplegic, who shared the story that changed his life for the better. He was involved in a horrific car accident which left him breaking his neck at the C5 section leaving him with no voluntary movement in his legs and fingers and only restricted movement in his arms. However, he expressed that by this occurring it changed his life for the better. He learnt to accept what had happened to him and not let that stop him from making a difference to the world, because of this occurrence it has changed his overall life views and concept on life and how he should live his life going forward.

By hearing this story, I had the time to reflect on my own experiences to which I found specific lessons to learn from and take into my own future. The concept that “success is what you want it to be” not focusing on what other people think of your life, as long as you find yourself successful and satisfied with your own life it is enough and we shouldn’t “waste life worrying if it’s good or bad it is what it is just make the best of it.” Throughout my own Year 12 journey I will continue to find success through my every day achievements and appreciate my opportunities that have been given to me and continue to strive for success through my endeavour of life.

On behalf of the Year 12 cohort and staff in attendance, I thank the all those who were involved in the planning and running of both the breakfast and the presentation this morning.”

Cailan, 12E