Shrove Tuesday

Ash Wednesday: 17 February 2021

The first day of Lent

Ash Wednesday is one of the most popular and important holy days in the liturgical calendar. Ash Wednesday opens Lent, a season of fasting and prayer.

Ash Wednesday takes place 46 days before Easter Sunday, and is chiefly observed by Catholics, although many other Christians observe it too.

Ash Wednesday comes from the ancient Jewish tradition of penance and fasting. The practice includes the wearing of ashes on the head. The ashes symbolize the dust from which God made us. As the priest applies the ashes to a person’s forehead, he speaks the words: “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”

(Please note this is a 2020 photo)

This year we marked the occasion a little differently due to the snap lockdown. Oratory teachers led students through a service on Microsoft teams.

View our Prayer Service here. 

View our Prayer PowerPoint presentation here. 

Shrove Tuesday

Retrospective Tuesday 23 February, 2021

This year we celebrated Shrove Tuesday retrospectively, due to the snap lock down last week. It was certainly well worth the wait. With huge crowds, awesome cooking and flipping and plenty of sugary toppings, it was a great morning had by all. All proceeds are going to our Term 1 Fundraising effort which is Caritas’ Project Compassion.

Our leaders worked hard and were here at the crack of dawn to be ready for the hundreds of hungry boys (and staff!)

We raised a total of $1,885.15.

To continue with our tradition, the fundraiser was also held as a house competition. The following totals were raised by each house:

Annecy            $386.15

Collinson         $643.35

Moroney         $430.65

Savio                $425.00


Project Compassion


Every year, countless people turn Lent into a demonstration of faith, love and generosity. You can be a part of this incredible community, who believe that there are simple actions we can all take to “be more” for our world. Click here.

This term, ‘Be More’ will be our focus, both in the classroom, learning more about the communities we can support and also in our fundraising projects.

What can you do this Lent to ‘Be More’?

Mrs Nadia Knight
Assistant Principal – Mission and Staff Formation