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The staff at Australian Apprenticeships Pathways have written an article on apprenticeships and traineeships just for parents and families called ‘Opening the door to new opportunities for your child’. You can access it via:

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Australia National University

From March, Year 12 students who are planning to study at ANU in 2022 (or defer their studies until 2023) will be able to apply for courses, accommodation and scholarship in the one online application direct to the university. For information on dates and the new admissions process, visit

Applying for Medicine, Dentistry or Oral Health?

If you have a student in Year 12 who plans to apply for any of these health science courses to start in 2022, they may need to sit the UCAT ANZ (University Clinical Aptitude Test).

The UCAT ANZ is a two-hour, computer-based test which assesses a range of mental abilities identified by universities as important to practicing in the fields of medicine and dentistry.

It consists of five separately timed subtests which each contain a number of questions in a multiple-choice format.

They will sit the test in July 2021 and selected universities use their UCAT ANZ results as part of the selection process, in conjunction with their ATAR and VCE results, and in some cases an interview.

Students will only have one chance to sit the UCAT ANZ this year.

Key Dates
1 Feb Concession Scheme and Access Arrangements open
1 Mar Bookings open
10 Mar Concession application deadline
17 Mar Access Arrangements application deadline
17 May Booking deadline
7 Jun Booking cancellation deadline
1 Jul –     11 Aug Testing
Sep Results delivered to universities


It will cost around $305 to sit the test, or $199 concession, and boys will be able to receive their results straight away.

Students have the choice to start preparing for the test early. There are several private companies who offer commercial preparation programs – and are examples.

It is important to note that the universities who use the UCAT do not endorse any of these companies and students can access free preparation materials from the UCAT site at

Please go to for more information about the UCAT ANZ, to see if your son may have to sit the test, and to register for the test.

Mr Damian McAuliffe
Pathways Co-ordinator