2020 Summer Griffin

Fresh off the press, our 2020 ‘Culture and Community’ Summer Griffin explores how hope and resilience have been strengthened within our community, as lockdown lifts and life transitions to a COVID-19 normal.

Gerry Wood (Class of 1967)

We hear from longest-serving Independent Northern Territory Parliamentarian and Class of 1967 past student Gerry Wood, who enters retirement after his 19 years serving the people of Nelson. “To listen and to lead” has been at the core of Gerry’s direct approach to life, authentically connecting to often challenging community topics. Holding space for an opposing opinion and standing up against a popularist view when needed is at the core of his belief system. It’s never been about status or power for Gerry, but rather, good governance. “What is the most responsible thing I can do in this legislative assembly?” has been the objective of his honourable, unwavering commitment, a life lesson that he references learning 55 years ago in Form Four.

Community Connection

In our Community Connection feature, we share the stories of the COVID-19 experiences of past students, staff, current students and parents.

“During the long dark winter of isolation, the empty school yard, the loss of the familiar sound of the bells and minimal staff on site, we all kept going in the knowledge that what we do here is always for our boys.” – Mary Menz (Principal’s PA and Class of 1976 past student)

Everyday Heroes: Mark Schembri (Class of 1985) and Darren Asuncion (Class of 1998)

We also hear from past students Mark Schembri and Darren Asuncion, who share their experiences as healthcare workers in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The UQ COVID-19 vaccine is being developed by a team of researchers in my department, making it an exciting time to be at the cutting edge of microbiology research” – Professor Mark Schembri (Class of 1985)

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