Digital Journeys of Young People: Educational Video

Digital Journeys of Young People: Online Safety, Behaviour & Impacts

As a community we have experienced an increased reliance on technology to work, learn and socialise in 2020. While the unique challenge of remote learning has provided students with the opportunity to develop valuable independent study skills, some may benefit from guidance on navigating the online world.

In a conversation with Byron Chen (Salesian College Chadstone Dean of Students), University of Melbourne Associate Professor Shanton Chang shares his advice on supporting our children to find a balance in the digital space.

Key Topics

0 – General Introduction

2:55 – Shanton’s Introduction

– Keeping up with technology

– Evolution of the relationship between technology and young people

3:55 – Expectations of young people and their relationship with technology

– Debunking the assumption that young people are digital “natives”

5:15 – Digital Natives – Why the term shouldn’t exist

8:00 – What we think we know vs what we actually know

– Mitigating risky behaviour

– Understanding digital bundles

– Building trust in our relationships

13:50 – Parents/guardians as moderators

– Mitigation of root issues

18:10 – Digital Tattoos

– Parenting in the digital space

23:00 – Advice for teenagers who feel like they’re being “controlled”

27:32 – Online identities: True avatars and real identities

34:00 – Tangible actions for parents: Compartmentalising screen time

39:00 – Juggling teacher expectations: Building trust

41:55 – Relationship building, resources and tackling misinformation

46:20 – Opinions are not facts

47:48 – Internal school supports

49:00 –Everybody is different: Maintaining a balance and identifying what works