Caritas Fundraising Update

Caritas Project Compassion was our major fundraiser for Term One. Although we had various interruptions to our events due to the pandemic this year, we still managed to raise much needed funds for Project Compassion.

With the theme this year being ‘Go Further Together’, we have encouraged all members of the community to put their best foot forward and do whatever they can to help others in need.  We have certainly demonstrated in the past few months that we have been ‘working together for our global community’.

In Term One we raised $6,061.32.

Fundraising Highlights include:

  • Shrove Tuesday: $1470 (Annecy raised $370.55, Collinson raised $416.85, Moroney raised $329.50 and Savio raised $343.45)
  • House Swimming BBQ: $1,466.32
  • House Athletics Canteens: $986.51
  • Casual Clothes Day: $1,641.20

Thank you to everyone who has assisted with this project so far. There has also been money collected in Oratories and other activities which have not yet been counted. An update will be posted shortly.

Mrs Nadia Knight
Assistant Principal – Mission and Staff Formation